Selling Tips

Selling Tips

When you're trying to sell, your mission is to make your home look as appealing as possible to the most buyers possible and you don’t have to spend a lot of time to do it. Here are a few tips for sellers to help us achieve the maximum price possible for you. One of the biggest influences on whether buyers will love your house (and jump to make an offer on it) is how appealing it LOOKS and that is where staging can make a huge difference. While some sellers choose to remove all their furniture out of the house and replace it with expensive designer furniture and accessories, in most cases this extreme action isn't necessary. There are many ways to make your house show like a model, without spending an arm and a leg. Here are a few of the best ones:

Clear the Clutter

The single biggest thing most home owners can do to make their home show in the best light is to remove as much 'stuff' or clutter as possible. It if isn't something you use every day, pack it up and get it out of sight. If it isn't in the budget to rent a separate storage unit, box up all excess items and store them in the garage. Home buyers are much more forgiving of a packed garage than a cluttered house. Keep in mind, you don't want to over-clutter the garage with piles of boxes either but within reason, the garage can be used to. Clear the clutter to better present your home store these things out of the way. This tip extends to closets and cupboards too. If your cupboards are jam packed full of possessions, buyers will assume that their things won't fit in your house either. Besides, since you are moving anyway, why not get a head start and pack those things you don't use regularly and showcase the amount of cupboard space you do have. Remember, if you do find a lot of clutter that you no longer need, you could make some extra money by selling the items or donate them to charity. Either way, buyers will love your new spacious, clutter free home.

Clean It Until It Shines

Another way to add value to your home without spending anything is to clean every visible surface until it shines. There is a big appeal to a house that has sparkling clean windows and dust-free. Make sure your home sparkles window sills and skirtings. Subconsciously the buyer is thinking, “Wow, if I lived here my house would always be shiny and clean - unlike that dusty, jam-packed full of stuff money pit I live in now!”

Neutralise & De-Personalise

You may absolutely love your merlot-coloured living room walls and your abstract pattern multi-hued bedspread, but many buyers won't. This type of thing may make it difficult for them to picture their own family in the home if it is full of YOUR family pictures and mementos. You don't want to turn away a potential buyer who would have paid top dollar for your home by something as easy to fix as repainting your merlot feature wall or some simple de-cluttering and redecorating.


Once you have cleared the decks and have a semi-blank slate to work with, go through each room and create a single focal point and a pop of colour. Whether it's a couple of carefully selected throw pillows or a vase of fresh-cut flowers, a hint of colour and visual interest will make the room far more visually appealing and mentally soothing. A great way to get some ideas on how to showcase your home in current trends is to visit a few local display homes and take notes. They don't decorate their homes like this for no reason - they decorate them like this to help people visualise themselves living in the home, to appeal to the most buyers and, of course, to sell the house for the maximum price possible. The good news is you don't have to spend thousands to make your home show like a model. Just apply these few tips to begin with and show off your home's best features in a subtle and tasteful way. Of course, you could go the other way and just hire someone else to do all the hard work for you. It really depends on your budget. Either way, taking these steps definitely helps us to get the maximum price possible for your home.

Street Appeal & Outdoors

We all know that first impressions count so the same principles that apply inside your home also apply to the outside of your home. You want to make your home sparkle from the outside; you want the street appeal to be as amazing as it possibly can be. Many buyers will drive by your home before they decide if they want to look inside so this is a key to getting buyers in the door to look further. Be sure to mow all the lawns and weed all the gardens. All areas outside should be swept or hosed down or pressured cleaned, depending on how your outdoor area is set up. If your driveway and paths. Make sure your outdoors sparkles! are painted, it may be time to repaint these areas so it isn't something people walk in and think; 'Oh, I'll need to repaint this if we buy it.' Be sure to clean all the windows on the outside as well. Even if it means hiring a professional window cleaner for an hour or two, your sparkly windows will make a better impression than those covered in a film of sea air residue. If you apply the indoor principles of 'clear the clutter', 'clean it until is shines', 'neutralise' and 'accessorise' you will be on the road to the maximum price for your home. Remember, you want to help them visualise how great it will be to make this their own home!

Pre-Market Inspections

It is a fact of real estate these days. Savvy home buyers WILL have your home professionally inspected likely for both building and pest and your home will be thoroughly checked from top to bottom. A buyer will have to do it anyway so if you would like to be prepared and not be up for any nasty surprises or anything that may turn a contract on its head, why not beat them to the punch by having your home inspected before placing it on the market. By doing this you can get a jump on any repairs or issues that are required. As an added benefit, homes that are in excellent condition attract more buyers and sell for more and you're much less likely to run into last minute repairs before the contract closes if it doesn't fall over due to the result of inspection. At the very least, an inspection may reveal certain safety issues that you were unaware of that you should rectify for the safety of your own family living in the home. Also, you may instruct your agent to show a clear report to potential buyers to help within the negotiation process. A savvy buyer will likely still get their own inspections done, however, at least you have been up-front and honest with buyers and clearly demonstrated the value of purchasing your home, trouble free.